2020 When Shit Got Real

New Year’s Resolutions are tricky. We pick them with our best interests in mind. We pick them because we know we’re picking what we should do for ourselves in the next year. We’re also often picking a thing that we’ve avoided. We’re basically saying “I’m going to stop avoiding…” the gym or the diet or not-asking-for-a-raise or saving up for that trip.

The trouble with simply attempting to flick a switch on behaviour is that we’re not in it body and soul. During normal times, the gyms are packing it in come January and February before thinning out for the next ten months. Rather than on January 1st, those savings will start compiling as soon as the holidays are paid off (which they never will be). How long will that diet last?

From Vision to Commitment to Breakthrough

You need to break that cycle of setting resolutions and falling off. I work with clients and get them tapping into their vision. We get to the heart of who they are and how they want to be in the future. From there, we start working backwards.

By starting today, which could very well be January 1st, we can build a vision so irresistible, compelling, that your commitment and the ensuing breakthroughs become inevitable. This is one power of coaching.

Book a sample session for early 2021 and do away with resolutions that won’t go anywhere – let’s help you break through.

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