Do you show up ready to have the breakthroughs you want in your relationships? Does your partner (Do your partners) show up ready to have breakthroughs with you? Are you all of yourself in your relationships or do you put yourself away? Do you notice that your situations with your work and your kids are also relationships?

Let’s work to get you in control of how you show up in relationships.

Couple and Child in Relationship
Relationships take all forms and how we show up in each of them matters.

Taking a mindful approach to relationships ensures we are giving what we’re willing to give and getting what we need to get. It gets us out of our wild pursuit of good feelings and away from behaviours we maintain to protect us from things we are afraid of in relationship.

We will look at your way of being in relationship and how you are showing up life. We will work together to ensure a distinct and complete shift in your approach to relationships.

Let’s work together to achieve breakthroughs in your relationships.