Robert Ng

Martial Arts Instructor

From working with Dave, I am beginning to understand the possibilities in my future and I am highly motivated to press on. I always knew what I wanted in life, but never had direction. We are working on that and it gives me so much hope for the future of myself, my family, and my business. I have much more hope in my life.

Nichole Buchanan

Owner, Billybeecleaning

I felt you were a wonderful fit for me. You challenge me enough, you assisted with getting me on track when I had some issues from the past interfering with my progress. You helped me gain insight on some patterns or behaviors I need to be cautious of. The step by step break down really helped leap into progress in areas of my life I needed some more structure in. Again thank you Dave, you are an amazing life coach.

Bradley Clark

Co-founder, RECTXT

Dave has an uncanny ability to take a problem and turn it on it’s side making you realize perhaps it wasn’t a problem, rather just the way you were looking at it. In our organization we have a tendency to have a unilateral view point, and Dave provides great balance giving us often a better prospective.

Fred Shadian

Business Owner & Martial Arts Instructor

Dave Macdonald is a sincere business professional that loves helping people grow their business in a major way. He has the unique ability to transform your business into a workable action plan. His insights and feedback have helped me to take my business to the next level.

Lloyd Kinney

Owner, Britannia Brewing and MLK Properties Ltd.

Dave is a unique and rare individual whose creative talent is equally matched by his ambition to learn and further develop his career. Dave is aware of the power that comes through a fusion of work and life. Dave is a results driven professional who understands what it takes to help grow an organization.