Green Revenue on Keyboard

Not all revenue is smart revenue. What does this mean?

Money comes to us as a return on investment. We invest our time or we invest money or other resources in generating more money. One of our key roles in generating money is to determine what is an acceptable return on what we put in.

There are times when we don’t realize we’ve spent too many resources trying to acquire the money we sought.

This can be sneaky – for example, if you launch a new service that sells like hotcakes, but you miss the fact your overhead & administration around this service has skyrocketed, you’re losing money despite increasing revenue.

Similarly, if you get a job where you’re paid by the piece you produce, but it takes four times longer than you thought, are your returns there?

When your revenue, or earned money, is not high enough to justify your investment, it is not smart revenue.

In our lives, it is important that we only add smart revenue and that we receive our returns on investment. This is important because we can burn out or spin our wheels on clients or tasks that cost us money rather than earn it. Burning out while losing money is doubling down on a lot of pain.

Coaching for Smart Revenue

Whether accounting or coaching, I work with clients to design cohesive plans and projects so that we can recognize early on if the revenue and expenses are tracking as you’d like. It is fair to say that expenses often come before revenue chronologically, but if we wait too long to take action when revenue hasn’t arrived, there is risk.

From a coaching perspective, we are handling obstacles on the way to success. There is nothing more disheartening for folks when they invest their time, energy, and money into something without the desired returns.

Make an appointment today and learn how we can work together to ensure your projects are on track and making the returns you desire.

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