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Professionally speaking, Dave became a Certified Management Accountant (now Chartered Professional Accountant) in 2008 after nearly a decade studying math & biology.

He has worked as an accountant, operations manager, and leader in healthcare organizations for more than a decade. He brings a qualified edge to managing money and balances this with presence and empathy for groups & individuals.

Dave is a devoted dad to twins, born mid-2010’s, and makes up half of their amazing homeschooling parental team.

Up until his 30’s, Dave was a devoted martial artist and cyclist. In his late-30’s, a lifelong depression & addiction was no longer kept at bay, which led to a deep dive into his mental health and general derailment of his physical health. After several years of therapy, introspection, and practice, the Dave that emerged is the definition of post-traumatic growth that includes a charismatic passion for life that rivals his passions for science & business.

As a coach, Dave works with you to create shifts in perspectives and energy on a foundational level. The changes that can occur by embracing ‘ontological coaching’ are like no other (learn more in My Style).